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Setting Up

How to set up your fountain

OK, so you've bought your chocolate fountain, you now need to make sure it runs properly. Unfortunately if you didn't purchase it from us it probably didn't come with any useful instructions. We speak to too many people who have bought a mini fountain from some other retailer, tried it once and when it wouldn't work properly dismissed straight to the back of the pantry (and has stayed there ever since). A chocolate fountain in a box is no fun at all.

But hey, we don't hold grudges, you may not have bought your fountain from us, but we'd still like to share our secrets with you about how to get the best from your fountain. Follow the steps below and you will have perfect results everytime.

But don't forget that a fountain will only run properly with the right ingredients - which are available from our online shop of course.

First assemble your fountain. Ensure your fountain is level Switch fountain on to preheat
First assemble your fountain.
Stand the fountain on a sturdy level surface. Adjust the fountain legs by turning them to ensure the fountain itself is level in all directions.
Switch the fountain on to preheat.
Melt the cocoa butter Melt the chocolate The chocolate should be smooth and lump free
Place the whole pre-portioned bag of cocoa butter in a large bowl and microwave for 2 mins. on full power until completely melted. Be careful it's gets very hot.
Place the content of one 1kg bag of chocolate into the same bowl and melt using HALF power for about 3 minutes. Stir after each minute.
The chocolate should be smooth and lump free.
Pour in the molten chocolate Switch your fountain on How to make sure the chocolate fountain flows properly
Pour the molten chocolate and cocoa butter into the preheated fountain.
Switch on the motor and the delicious chocolate will start to cascade down.
If the flowing chocolate does not 'sheet' properly;
a)Switch the unit off and on to allow air bubbles to escape.
b)Carefully adjusting the legs of the fountain to ensure it is completely level.
How to clean a chocolate fountain How to wash a chocolate fountain
Dip and enjoy!! For best results use small disposable  forks which are much tidier and easier to use than oversized bamboo skewers. To make life even simpler use a disposable tablecloth under your fountain.
When you have finished dipping, switch off the fountain and unplug. Scrape as much chocolate as you can into into a plastic bag and put in the bin. Don't put it down the sink!
Wash the fountain top in hot soapy water. Wash the fountain base by wiping it with a hot soapy cloth. Then rinse with clean water. Do not imerse the base in water.