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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Dr Choc's office where he'll do his very best to answer your questions. If we haven't covered your query please email or call us.

FAQs about fountain uses.

FAQs about chocolate and dipping food.


FAQs about fountain uses.

Q. How does a chocolate fountain actually work?

A. Pre-melted chocolate is poured into the fountain, the machine is then switched on and the chocolate is lifted by a screw mechanism to the top of the fountain before cascading to the bottom again. Guests then dip food such as strawberries or marshmallows into the flowing chocolate. A heater in the fountain base keeps the chocolate at a deliciously warm temperature, it will never become hot or burn you.

Q. What size of fountain do I need for my event?

A. The fountain you need is based on your number of guests and the way in which you are planning to use it; for example whether the fountain is instead of a dessert or as casual dipping throughout the evening. Have a look at our fountain range for more information or please contact us if you need further information.

Q. Can I use a fountain outside?

A. The fountain must be situated in a wind-free outdoor area with walls on three sides and a roof; flowing chocolate and wind really don't work well together!

Q. How do I set my chocolate fountain up?

A. For full instructions on how to set your chocolate fountain up, please visit this page.

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FAQs about chocolate and dipping food.

Q. What type of chocolate do you use?

A. We use only top quality chocolate which has been tried and tested by our expert Dr.Choc.

Q. Can you provide other types of chocolate?

A. Belgian perhaps? No problem.

Q. Is anything added to the chocolate before it goes in the fountain?

A. For chocolate fountains to work correctly the chocolate must be able to flow properly and therefore must be at the correct viscosity. In our larger fountains we add small amounts of cocoa butter to the chocolate (cocoa butter is used in the manufacture of chocolate). We also sell small packs of cocoa butter for use in mini fountains, one pack is sufficient for 1kg of chocolate.

Q. What can you dip in a fountain?

A. Essentially you can dip just about anything that will go on a dipping fork. However, we have found that what people love most are:

strawberries marshmallows mandarins
rock melon Turkish Delight bananas
pineapple coconut ice wafer biscuits
kiwi fruit licorice foam lollies

Q. Who provides the dipping food?

A. The choice is yours; you can select various dipping foods individually wrapped from our online store or we can platter them up for you and deliver them to your home or function room with the chocolate fountain, or the venue may insist on supplying the dipping foods.

Q. Is your dipping food prepared in a house kitchen?

A. Definately not! Chocolate Attraction's commitment to producing safe quality products has led to the introduction of FoodSafe training to all staff preparing food and storing food products. The FoodSafe program is run by the Australian Institute of Enviromental Health. This training ensures our premises are keep clean, our stock is regularly check for quality, and proceedures are in place from when we receive ingredients until it is served to you our customers, so you can be confident your food is Safe to consume. 

For more information about FoodSafe please visit

Q. What else do I need apart from dipping food?

A. You will also need small serviettes to catch the drips and something to hold the dipping food. We sell small disposable dipping forks which work much better than skewers (and they don't splinter like many cheaper skewers tend to). However, if you do decide to provide your own skewers please make sure they are no longer than 15 cm, otherwise things can become messy. You will also need to provide a sturdy table near a power outlet.

Q. What happens to the left over chocolate?

A. It's yours to keep and enjoy, you will need to supply us with a suitable lidded container. You can then re-melt it later to enjoy over ice-cream, waffles, bananas, bodies...(I'm sure you're starting to get the idea).